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In 1995 Jim Steele worked as a quantity surveyor in construction. In those days his chronic back muscle spasms caused him considerable pain and immobilized him. His health problems caused him to worry about the loss of his job and the fact that he may not be able to support his family or pay his mortgage. Visits to his doctor didn’t help. Painkillers only masked the pain – while never addressing the problem. Cortisone injections patched him up for a day, a week, maybe a month at best. With his doctors telling him that he could not be treated by further medical intervention, his life was in crisis. He was not looking forward to spending his future years in a wheelchair.

Jim’s book – Getting Your Own Back – tells the story of how he found the Holy Grail treatment that saved his life and eased his back pain.

This book is free to anyone who places an order on the Moss-Grove website. It is a downloadable product. Simply send an email to letting him know that you have placed an order and he will give you the link to download the book. 

First Published 2006

ISBN: 987-0-9553939-0-7

330 Pages

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