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Foot Repair Lotion ®


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Be kind to your feet with our Foot Repair Lotion

Our genuine lotion when used regularly on tired feet and massaged between your toes will cool the irritation and work on restoring your skin back to being fresh, smooth and supple.

Tommy Murdoch from Saltcoats says: "I was a happy rugby touch-judge. Until that is when one day we went to play at Edinburgh and I forgot to bring my clubs socks with me. To save the day, one of the players gave me a pair, but told me that they were ‘last weeks’. They hadn’t been washed. Given that I had no choice, I had to wear them. I got athlete’s foot. A terrible itching problem it drove me nuts. Then a friend recommended I try your product. Gosh. What a difference, it all cleared in a few days. Needless to say I use the stuff every time after a shower. It seems to keep my feet healthy and smelling nice – and of course I have not had the itching problem since."

Usage: Apply liberally and continue with application for several days after symptoms have ceased.

The wonderful natural ingredients in this product are: Sunflower oil, distilled water, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, citric acid (preservative), glycerol and a special blend of therapeutic essential oils.

Contents: 150ml (Approx 75 Applications)

Technical specifications

Condition: New


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