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Skin Repair Lotion ®  

Skin Repair Lotion ®

Heal and hydrate your skin the natural way

Rough and dry skin is a condition that affects everyone at times. When skin has been worked hard or not taken care of, signs can appear in the form of abrasions, callouses, dry flaky skin, blisters and painful areas commonly on the hands, feet and arms.

At Moss-Grove we look to nature for the solution and after our research and testing, we offer you our Skin Repair Lotion.  A rehydrating moisturiser for rough, hardworking hands. Using the finest natural oils of Lime and Lavender it provides long lasting moisture and helps protect your skin from the daily toils, leaving it nourished and supple once again.

People who have intensive manual labour jobs with signs of long-lasting overworked skin on their hands have been amazed by Skin Repair's natural healing properties with the bonus of knowing that you can moisturise your tired skin with a chemical free lotion.

Usage: Massage gently into the affected area until the lotion is fully absorbed and the skin is rehydrated. Apply as needed. Great for hard / broken skin on the elbows and knees.

The wonderful natural ingredients in this product are: Sunflower oil, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, citric acid (preservative), glycerol, aloe vera liquid and a special blend of therapeutic essential oils.

Contents: 150ml (Approx 75 Applications)

Our Price: £12.50


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