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Natural Deodorant (for women) ®  

Natural Deodorant (for women) ®

Smell fresh without the health risks

Did you know that regular deodorant sprays contain numerous toxic chemical compounds that may be harmful and possibly linked with several major health risks? This is completely against the principles of the Moss-Grove philosophy so we have developed an organic formula for our Natural Deodorant.

To prove that we have what we consider the safest, completely natural deodorant you can buy, our product was tested by the food research laboratory at Glasgow Caledonian Univeristy for any chemical constituents such as heavy metals like lead & aluminium as well as chlorine and sulphites.

The tests have shown that Moss-Grove deodorant contained little or no parabens or petrochemicals as shown by the cytotoxicity tests. The Moss-Grove deodorant formulation also exhibited a better degree of antibacterial properties compared to the other test formulations that were examined meaning you can combat body odour and smell fresh without affecting your health.

Usage: Apply this gentle, natural under arm deodorant after showering. In extreme heat or when exercising, reapply for best results.

Also available for men

The wonderful natural ingredients in this product are: Distilled water, food grade xanthan gum and bicarbonate of soda (stabiliser) and a special blend of therapeutic essential oils.

Contents: 70ml bottle

Our Price: £10.00


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